More than and 500 veteran cadres enjoy free housekeeping services

Recently, every old cadre hands have two old cadres with cleaning cleaning coupons, coupons, kitchen cleaning, convertible glass cleaning toilet cleaning and lampblack machine and other services, enjoy the old cadres to the service of this service satisfaction, have put up the thumb, and this innovative initiative is the city for veteran services.

"the municipal government’s good housekeeping measures, help to solve the old cadres living in the most practical difficulties, especially in the period of the Spring Festival approaching, played a big role in cleaning coupons, both inside and outside of the room is clean, can happy new year." The old cadres have said, and have said such good initiatives let us truly feel the care of the party and government, getting better and better living conditions, the municipal Party committee and municipal government to bring us more and more comprehensive services, make our life more and more happy. In the future, we will enjoy a better life with sunshine mentality, driving and affecting the elderly around, for the community to do more useful things, transfer positive energy.

and the old cadre bureau recently on three counties of 35 units and four municipal district 61 retired cadres, 8 deceased old Red Army, deputy director level and above (substantive) retired cadres survivors visited condolences issued condolences gold 56 thousand and 800 yuan.