Datong County medical health system reform and new chapter

Since the

health system reform started, Datong County in accordance with the county government overall deployment, in the careful guidance of medical reform office and related departments and support, the following closely the masses to solve difficult and expensive, the doctor away "of the overall objective, unity of thinking, reform and innovation, to tackle difficulties, key breakthrough, the reform has achieved remarkable results.

basic protection, medical and health support capabilities significantly improved. Health care coverage to further expand. County workers medical insurance coverage rate reached 100%; urban residents medical insurance rate reached 96.3%; NCMS insurance rate of up to 97.07%. In order to encourage urban residents to continuously insured, cancel the county household registration restrictions, allowing the province insurance for urban residents in Datong and the implementation of off-site, individual payment transfer system, perfecting NCMS family account system, mobilize the enthusiasm of rural residents insured participation. Further enhance the level of protection. 2011, the new rural cooperative medical insurance and urban residents per capita funding standards reached 300 yuan, within the scope of the policy to pay the proportion of hospitalization expenses reached 80.72%, to promote the integration of urban and rural residents medical insurance. Promote equalization of basic public health services. County per capita basic public health services funding subsidy standards increased to 30 yuan. At the same time, the basic public health service project from 9 increased to 11, the establishment of a standardized electronic health records of 662 million 440 thousand city residents, the filing rate was 75.61%, the establishment of electronic health records for the county’s 346042 farmers, filing rate was 93.84%. Free medical examination for the elderly over the age of 65 to 24 thousand of the county, the implementation of the free cataract surgery for the poor residents, so that the masses directly experience the benefits of health care reform.

strong grassroots health services significantly enhanced. Financing 36 million 350 thousand yuan, the implementation of the people’s Hospital, Hexian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,, hospital building, the construction of the project and the construction of the 8 township health centers and village clinics in the 7. Equipped with computers and other information equipment for the county all township hospitals and village clinics, the county all the township (town) there is a standardized hospital, all administrative villages have a standardized village health room goal. County township hospitals targeted recruitment and recruitment of 38 college students, township hospitals open recruitment of nurses, to enrich the grassroots health team 5. With the Peking University People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University opened the remote consultation and remote teaching system. The implementation of the "ten thousand doctors to support rural health project", the county 7 County medical and health institutions and the establishment of the 13 basic medical and health institutions to help cooperation mechanism. Select the intermediate above title and recipient unit service intends to further promotion in the title of senior technical staff, to promote high-quality medical resources to the grassroots County, to further improve the service ability and level of grassroots medical institutions.

to build mechanisms to improve the efficiency of health services significantly. The complete coverage of the basic medicine. The 27 township health centers (hospitals), the village clinics and community health services in the city of 1;