Girl was hit by a taxi unfortunately Xining Federation of trade unions to lend a helping hand

May 29th, Xining union staff for Qinghai Hucai Printing Co. Ltd. female worker Ms. Hu’s daughter sent condolences to 1000 yuan relief funds, to help her relieve as pressing danger.

in May 1st this year, when she was only two years old daughter accidentally get off a car when a taxi, the driver drove away. At that time, a large number of children bleeding shock, she and her family will be sent to hospital for children. After consultation, diagnosed as brain two fractures, brain hemorrhage and associated with severe pneumonia, despite emergency rescue, the child’s condition through, but left severe sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage. The hospitalization cost of 40000 yuan for medical expenses, resulting in the child’s condition because of family financial difficulties and get a thorough treatment. Qinghai Hucai printing Limited company unions after learned of the situation, timely report to the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, helping poor workers center, has been actively concerned about labor union. Ms. Hu where the company’s trade unions have also issued a proposal to all employees of the company, to mobilize everyone to actively contribute to her daughter’s daughter, and encourage her to cheer up, such as the child’s body after a full recovery as soon as possible to return to work. (author: Zou Xiaoyang