The most easily breast tumor revealed 13 female breast health net female anecdote

9 tummy sleeping most hurt the breast.

10 monthly changes in the occurrence of breast.

sports bra must maintain a certain flexibility, in order to reduce the damage to the breast movement, reduce breast pain.

The darker the

sexual arousal, with the male penis erection, female breasts will increase. The average length of female nipples is 9.65 mm, equivalent to the thickness of 5 coins.

4 female nipple has an average length of 2-15 dark dark hair.

8 even wearing a swimsuit, the breast may also sunburn.

face down for a long time, women’s breast tissue will be too much pressure, leading to premature aging of the breast, skin relaxation, breast deformation outside the expansion. The best position is the milk’s side, and a pillow pad in the breast under.

most swimsuit fiber sunscreen index (SPF) is only 5-7. Therefore, before swimming, the breast should be wiped SPF sunscreen cream at least 15.

breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. From the last century since 40s, the incidence of breast cancer has doubled, but still maintain growth momentum.

11 movement to protect the breast.

6 breast skin is thin.

7 breasts will "erect".

3 human breast is getting bigger.

more than and 20 years old, fat, breast and breast by collagen. With the increase of age, breast and collagen will gradually be fat substitute. Unfortunately, a lot of fat does not make the breasts appear bigger, but increased breast ptosis.

skin and hair, the darker the hair on the breast.

1 older, more fat breasts.

due to the nutritional and environmental factors such as the growing age of female breast plump. At present, the average breast size of women in the United States is 36D, compared with 15 years ago, only 34B.

2 breast size is uncertain.

to keep the region skin humidity, can use cream to improve flexibility, but also to prevent the UV rays, otherwise the breast is easy to wrinkle, the nipple will become dry.

5 is one of the most common tumors in the human body.

as a result of hormonal changes, menstruation just over a period of time, the most smooth breast (then the best effect on the hospital). The high level of hormone, the highest sensitivity of nipple. A high level of progesterone during menstruation, breast may be sensitive, pain or pain. During pregnancy and breast areola will be larger.

breast size varies from person to person, the same person in different age breast size is also very different. Breast directions are not the same, some breasts together. The others were inclined towards both sides. The average weight of female breasts is 1.1 pounds (about 0.5 kg), accounting for 4%-5% of total body fat.