Zhang Zhiquan couple operating green hand to make a lot of money


said that now entrepreneurs have been very much, the entire entrepreneurial market is very complex, however, the number of entrepreneurs to achieve success in the same huge. This does not, the hero of this article by Zhang Zhiquan to open the store to earn profits, won a lot of success.

Zhang Zhiquan throw away the cause of iron rice bowl is very simple, the factory is not good, no money to spend. Zhang Zhiquan rich experience is also very simple, he let him have a son hand skills".

1998 at the end of the year, he opened a snack bar, income, of course, stronger than work. Henan Biaojiu to the northeast, with mention of aunt do tear face. Uncle just about Zhang Zhiquan, but in the heart. To ask out, Biaojiu said it was not clear, say, ask your future aunt! Future? Which become! The second day, he closed the store, and his wife went to Henan to aunt to the northeast. At that time, just on impulse, I did not expect today is to rely on "eat this bowl" surface. Send home.

Nearly a month after

came back, Zhang Zhiquan’s snack bar has not been operating. He began to study the practice of the whole process of hand tearing. And face, face up, tear face and various soup preparation, he repeatedly tested thousands of times a month, actually spent 7 bags of flour. Well, friends reflect the delicious noodles, noodle, good taste.

at this time a set of indicators accurate to two, money, minutes, seconds, the surface of the hand has made the formation of A. He took the snack bar sign, openly made a light box, "green hand face" bright beat out. At the same time, a beautiful "cookbook" is also in the grand launch of the door (vertical light box): Green shredded beef noodles, green shredded pork noodle, shredded green Noodles in Chicken Soup, green shredded egg noodles, pasta, green shredded green shredded vegetable juice, mint, green green hand hand tear in green shredded tomato noodles, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables……

at first, people can taste a fresh taste, it does not matter, and customers, have become repeat customers. This street, Lanzhou Chenmian, Shougan, Steamed Jiaozi appears cold pasta etc..

his house is on fire! Sometimes, the House seats are full, the guests on the outside, anxious friends simply carrying out to eat. Two business people in Heilongjiang, they eat shredded, every day. They say, 3-4 yuan per bowl of affordable, good taste, and the boss sent for a soup to drink, face every day, enough to eat 5 cycles and then go home!

Zhang Zhiquan said, although it is a joke, but can they come every day, that I have to be the ""! Why is a green hand torn? Now people like to eat green food because it is pollution-free, pure natural. My face without any additives, completely torn by hand, just like eating tomato salad with the hand, and.