Xining innovative form to promote the 65 law

the afternoon of April 11th, held in Xining City, "65" the backbone of the training course, how to strengthen the innovation of social management, to protect and improve people’s livelihood and other relevant laws and regulations of learning publicity, let more people learn to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests with legal weapons, to ensure that the "65" universal law has made new achievements, to meet the "65" and "law in 12th Five-Year during the period of governance according to law departments directly under the stage target assessment and acceptance made to explain and arrangements to ensure effective legal work.

it is understood that this year is the key year 65 "law, the importance of meeting the requirements of every key should recognize the legal work, to do the legal work in innovative ways in improving the legal consciousness on the basis of their own. Through publicity window, legal seminars and other forms of publicity activities. Focus on the object, the special groups to develop targeted publicity programs, so that the implementation of legal education to the people, deep in the heart. Law has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, "law" is an effective weapon to protect the interests of the people. But not everyone can understand and use. So it plays a vital role. You want to promote the backbone foothold for harmonious society, "entered the people’s livelihood, close to the people, pay attention to the people, to solve the people" as the main line, to carry out a series of momentum and influence the legal publicity and education activities to realize the popularization activities of theme, diverse forms of education and publicity carrier innovation, a solid foundation for the 65 "the lay. The training to further improve the legal system of the "65" law of the implementation of the plan, to further study and understand the country in the construction of a harmonious society and administration of law, the basic knowledge of laws and regulations. (author: Li Zixi)