Young entrepreneurs to help poor villagers income

to further strengthen the party cadre, March 12th service helping the village masses out of poverty as soon as possible, the League Committee, organized a number of young entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurship mentor group, Party members went to Xishan Huzhu Xiang Dong Shan Cun Zheng Jia Shan Cun, carry out mentor service activities. Through the "delegate to fish", help the poor villagers income wealth.

spring soon, in order to help more poor village households, Party organs and institutions of the party by way of helping Renqin pair, for 165 poor families. On the same day, the delegation also mobilized young entrepreneurs, business mentor, raising funds for the needy families totaling 24 thousand and 800 yuan, and for each of the needy families to help increase the income of $1503. Teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, in order to let families have independent income, last year, the province’s provincial corporation through entrepreneurial wealth leader training on participatory poverty take labor, picking wolfberry labor output, the per capita income of 3000 yuan.

at the same time, the Xishan Huzhu Xiang Dong Shan Cun Zheng Jia Shan Cun, on the current situation, young entrepreneurs into the village, analysis of climate and geographical conditions, exploration through adjust the planting structure, and the way to change the face of poverty. Among them, members of the Federation, Qinghai Runyang Amperex Technology Limited on-the-spot investigation unit and Zheng Jia Shan Cun Dong Shan Cun, quinoa planting condition, improve the two village planting structure adjustment; youth leader enterprises, Huang Chang China farming development company and two villagers have bean planting, processing and sales of communication docking, also has formed a preliminary two village bean marketing industry chain.