nto the source of Sanjiang National Park like the eyes to protect the source of Sanjiang

Sanjiang region is an important ecological security barrier, is our most valuable asset. With the start of the pilot system of Sanjiang National Park, located in the vast majority of cadres and the masses in Sanjiang source region consciously assume responsibility, and actively participate in the implementation of the pilot system of Sanjiang national park. Recently, the reporter from the source of the Yellow River to the source of the Yangtze River, the site is to see the cadres and the masses to actively participate in the cause of environmental protection, the source of Sanjiang national park construction to contribute to the moving scene.

mission does not start from scratch

is located in the core area of Sanjiang nature reserve and Hoh Xil Nature Reserve in the core area of the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qumalai Qu Ma Township, ecological protection is particularly important. At once the garbage, after the stone grid management, artificial grass, and greatly improve the scene of river hill, Qu Ma Township Party Secretary Gata said, in recent years, the concept of ecological protection has been ingrained in US and the hearts of the masses, the actions of protecting the ecological protection of Sanjiang source people everywhere, just like protecting our eyes, treat the source of Sanjiang like life. Sanjiang source of the national park system pilot start, in order to protect our beautiful home, once again pointed out the direction. In particular, when it was learned that the town of Sanjiang in the source of the National Park System in the Yangtze River, the source of the pilot park within the context of confidence. Although in recent years, the state has invested a lot of money in the source of ecological protection in Sanjiang, significantly improved the ecological environment. But as a result of climate warming, snow is gradually rising, shrinking lakes and grassland desertification seriously. Start the national park system pilot, for us to protect the source of Sanjiang provides a more favorable opportunity. We will not bear the mission, from the start bit by bit, bringing together the efforts of everyone in the township, the ecological protection awareness into our daily production and life, to build our home more and more beautiful.

to take the road of ecological animal husbandry

Qumalai County YeGe village herdsmen fuck joined hongqicun Tuoeejia joint-stock production group in 2011, integration of its own cattle and grassland, and cooperatives to grazing, a year down nearly 20 thousand yuan of income, their pasture vegetation cover better than before. Fuck you said: "in the past few sheep, every day in a pasture run, no winter JINWOZI, summer JINWOZI points, grassland vegetation destruction, after joining the co-operatives, the four seasons of pasture to pasture, grazing rest, vegetation coverage increased a lot than before, in my experience, to protect the grassland, leaving the ecological animal husbandry Road, the integration of all livestock, pasture, labor, let pasture can recuperate."

it’s our duty to protect wild animals

is located in the Yangtze River the source of the first village in Zhiduo County of Suo Jia Xiang, is the core of the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve area. Sanjiang source of the national park system will be included in the pilot Township, which shows the importance of the ecological status of the township.

"Suo Jia Xiang Kiang, a Tibetan antelope;