Cultural tourism Xining holiday consumption during the Spring Festival Xining tourists 120 thousand

during the Spring Festival, the ancient city of Xining, a new dress, strong festive culture, sunny weather for Xining holiday tourism market to gather a lot of popularity, the cultural tourism consumption function during the Spring Festival highlights.

during the Spring Festival, Xining received a total of 120 thousand and 600 tourists, tourism revenue reached $74 million 920 thousand. Early spring weather so many people out of the house, into the scenic spots. Coupled with the characteristics of the various districts and counties of folk culture and tourism activities of the various scenic spots, Xining tourism market bustling, people’s Park, wildlife park, ice and snow tourism has become a tourist attraction in Xining.

addition, Kumbum Monastery lightshows, Huangyuan row of lights also attracted a large number of residents and visitors, and wild zoo artificial ski complete Xining also added a strong participation, interesting places, the first red envelopes activities more festive, holiday tourists reached 13 thousand and 800 passengers.