Express delivery has been suspended

Chen told reporters that the public, almost all of his supplies are purchased from the internet. "Soap, shampoo and so on, and most of the clothes are online shopping, I was also prepared for some time and then from the Internet Amoy several new year’s clothes, but if the courier company has a holiday, whether it can not express delivery?" Xiao chen.

for the public’s concern, SF express Xining company official said, during the holiday season, they will not completely suspend the business, according to the needs of the customer to arrange the receipt and delivery. As long as the courier to Xining, will be arranged to send the duty officer. Subsequently, the reporter in the rhyme delivery, through courier and Yuantong Express had similar answer: the courier company will be in the period from February 5th to mid stop receiving, during the festival they will arrange duty to send, after the Spring Festival holiday, the courier company will resume normal work.

reporter learned from a number of courier companies, most of the express delivery from the city to go through the Chengdu airport transit, but during the holiday season Chengdu express courier station is likely to stop sending to Xining. If the transit station to stop the transfer of courier, then part of the holiday period sent to the city’s express delivery will not be able to send a. At the same time, the courier company staff to remind the public that if online shopping during the Spring Festival, ahead of the best seller and communicate what express, and call the corresponding local courier company telephone consultation, to determine whether the shipment can be received on as usual.