407 extended service bus will be retired is expected by the end of October to complete the 13 line i

The replacement of 407 extended service vehicles, the overall replacement of the 13 lines, which is the largest number of buses in the history of Xining bus replacement, but also the largest replacement of a." August 29th, Guo Rui, deputy director of the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. deputy director of the Department of operation of the replacement of the new bus when the incident, a husband’s sense of pride.

peak waiting for frequent torture bus service

bus extended service rate of 80%, serious loss of occupants…… People frequently asked why the bus facing difficult, these reasons will always be filed several times. How to ease the ride difficult? People in the bus company racke give advice and suggestions. Reduce the departure time, the peak of the management staff as a driver……

the rapid development of the provincial capital, the rapid increase in the floating population in Xining, these measures are still difficult to meet the needs of the public travel. "15 road is too difficult, and so on, the road for a long time without a car to see 17……" Newspaper news hotline 96369 will always receive a lot of people to reflect the bus is difficult, such as the hotline.

since 2003, after the reform of public transport in Xining, after years of development of Xining public transportation, with the aging of the bus is becoming increasingly serious, it seems difficult.

13 lines covering the city

Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. existing bus 1227, of which 80% extended service, the replacement of 407 vehicles, accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of vehicles. It is understood that the replacement of the new overall investment of 1 million yuan, respectively, composed of provincial and municipal financial enterprises and the three parts of the capital, it can be said that this is Xining city bus history of the largest and the largest number of a vehicle replacement.

Guo Rui, the replacement of the 407 bus, has determined the replacement route, mainly consider replacing the hard drive is the public to reflect the most concentrated line, to replace the line: 1 road, 3 Road, 4 road, 6 road, 15 road, 17 Road, 20 road, 23 road, 25 Road, 26 Road, 30 Road, 33 Road, 34 road.

these 13 lines covering the urban area of Xining, Dongchuan, Beichuan, Nanchuan Xichuan four directions. Especially for small commodity wholesale market line, the public reflects the most, so 17 Road, the road, the road, the three line of the bus in the replacement of all the 30 lines.

new bus will be more humane, more comfortable, more secure

new buses will meet with the public during the National Day holiday time, 23 road and 25 road will be the first to complete the replacement, the other lines to be completed before the end of October to replace the whole. Whether the new bus will take into account the public to reflect the lever is too high, the seat is too cold in winter and other issues? Zhao Ehai, director of the Xining public transport technology and equipment company introduced the details of the new bus.

the replacement of the bus after the bidding, to determine the two models, the vehicle design, with reference to the more advanced domestic bus;