North of two rural primary school teachers and students to eat 1200 free nutritious lunch

This is the first in Xining by the government to pay the free nutrition lunch pilot project

from November 20th onwards, Xining Chengbei District Baoziwan friendship primary school and school nearly 1200 students eat a free lunch. This is the first in Xining by the government to pay the free nutrition lunch pilot project.

since 2011, the state started the rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement program, the north of the city of Xining took the lead in 8 Rural Schools in the area to benefit more than 3200 rural students, egg milk project". And have implemented a "zero fee", free uniforms, fifteen years of free education for children with disabilities. In the area of rural school children is far away from home, at noon to eat real inconvenient, this year also launched the city’s first "free lunch" project, the district government has invested 1 million 500 thousand yuan, open recruitment of kitchen personnel 16, equipped with part-time management personnel 4, take unified school canteen dining, teachers’ participation in management according to the model, annual supply for 190 days, is expected to the North District government also need to invest 1 million 800 thousand yuan.

the same day 12, with the bell rang, the class of students on duty queuing into the school cafeteria, get the first lunch. Braised eggplant, garlic fried meat, meat collocation, nutritious and delicious. According to the dabuzi primary school principals Wang Yan introduction, each student every meal cost price of not less than 5 yuan, this standard is given after the district government investigation, "the standard value is not low, it does not include staff salaries, utilities and other miscellaneous, students eat only Lian Suochao’s delivery costs, the rest the district government spending is" money". Schools in order to make full use of the free time after lunch, specially created a variety of interest classes, engage in some lighthearted style activities, according to the students voluntarily choose their favorite things to do. Home from school 2 kilometers Bao Village, the fifth grade students Bao Xianjing said happily, in the school to eat delicious meals for free and convenient, she and her classmates really thank the government for rural students to do a good thing, to enjoy a free lunch at the same time must pay attention to saving and eliminate waste.

North District Education Department official told reporters that the free lunch from the pilot project of health management, procurement, processing, sample, dining etc. improve the management system, Cengcengbaguan, to build a healthy lunch "firewall", to ensure food quality at the same time, not only allow students to eat, and let the students eat well, eat, eat, eat nutrition, eat healthy. (author: Zhang Jun)