Do you have a vending machine that brings you into the Xiamen Market

The advent of

vending machines, for our lives to provide a great convenience, but with the development of the times, a lot of vending machines seem to fade out of the market. Only a short while ago, the streets of Xiamen self-service vending machines figure, but people might find that today, many sections of the street are hard to find a trace of it. Vending machines are quietly withdraw from the Xiamen market? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding of it.

accounted for about 70% of the vending machine market share of a vending machine operator in charge of the house, especially, it is not so. You think this building, now the industry is still in the period of rise, since their company in May 2012 in Xiamen, the number of self-service vending machines has soared nearly ten times, from the original development to less than one hundred units, more than and 970 Taiwan has now, is expected next year will exceed 1000. The turnover of a single vending machine, but also from 2012 to 20 thousand yuan per year, up to now the annual $40 thousand.

reporter recently visited the self-service vending machines inside and outside the island, for you to decrypt this fresh faces.


is the main school dormitory and factories and barracks

it is understood that the self-service vending machines especially building company, currently in the lake, Siming District with two 158 units and 146 units, and the island of four districts, 167 Taiwan, Jimei Haicang Taiwan 169, 164 Taiwan, Taiwan Xiangan Tongan 166 — from the district perspective, basically the same, but the island is obvious "big". Why is it that people are still rare in the streets of them? In our city convenience store blowout situation, where is their living space?

according to the China Chain Store Association issued the "2016 China City convenience store development index", Xiamen ranked highest in the country with a total of 87 points, second only to Shenzhen, the second largest city in the world, after the. The core data of the index is the number of convenience stores chain stores, the number of convenience stores, the proportion of 24 hours convenience store and policy support.

but in particular, it seems that this does not affect the development of vending machines. Especially, said the location of the self vending machine is the main school dormitories and factory factory, army barracks and other places, because these places are relatively "closed" or "remote", and self-service vending machines, can bring convenience to the people there — that is, ".

, for example, there are a lot of student hostels, access control at night, after eleven students are not allowed to go out. If there is a self-service vending machine in the dormitory, the students will be very convenient." In particular, said: in addition, there are many factories in the factory is relatively remote, far away from convenience stores, vending machines set up in these places, can bring great convenience. In addition, we recommend some public places