3 million 700 thousand donations to the difficulties involved households

the afternoon of October 22nd, East District held a large-scale fund-raising activities in the area in front of the government building, as the airport expressway (Xining section) along the landscape renovation of Linjiaya area involving the relocation households difficult donations, impressive, many love business early on waiting at the donation site, the staff also rushed to the scene from donations from all sides…… Less than an hour, it is difficult to move households Lin cliff area to raise donations to more than 370 yuan.

reporter learned that, on the same day, a total of 32 enterprises of love for the difficulties involving relocation households donated 3 million 600 thousand yuan; area 30 Internet cafes joint difficult involving relocation households donated 74 thousand and 700 yuan; the cadres and workers of the donation is continuing and statistics, as of press the number of donations has reached more than 20 thousand yuan…… Chengdong district responsible person told the reporter, in the airport expressway (Xining section) along the landscape renovation demolition work, the majority of their families involved in small family homes, take care of you, have sacrificed a lot for the implementation of key projects, in particular in the focus of relocation households households, disabled households, it is made a lot of sacrifices they are, in the demolition of the warm winter, not to purchase such difficulties, the government is anxious to see the eyes of the heart, try to be resolved, the government held large fund-raising activities is difficult to solve one of the initiatives involving the relocation households difficult. The responsible person said, the demolition should adhere to standards, make good use of the state compensation, but also to solve the housing problem related to move the masses, can not let a family involved their families because of the demolition of housing, not because of the demolition and poverty, the government will spare no effort to solve the housing, they encountered in production, the difficulties in life. (by boat)