The first plateau characteristics of fruit pulp deep processing base settled in the park

in March 27th, with the sound of firecrackers, invested by Qinghai Sheng Feng Biological Technology Development Co. Ltd. Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics berries resource intensive processing and warehousing logistics center held a grand groundbreaking ceremony. After the completion of this project, will become the province and even the country’s first plateau characteristics of fruit pulp deep processing base.

it is understood that the Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics of deep processing of resources and storage and logistics center of the total investment of 210 million yuan. After the completion of the intensive processing processing base will be dedicated to the Chinese wolfberry, seabuckthorn and other features of the plateau berry resources, mainly the production of Chinese wolfberry wine, wolfberry nutrition powder, functional drinks, wolfberry oil, Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry flavonoids polysaccharides and other high-end health products. At present, Qinghai Sheng Feng Biotechnology Development Co., the company owns more than 1 thousand and 400 acres of wolfberry planting base in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in the Qaidam Basin, strict management and production requirements, base and organic products have reached the international standard requirements.

after the completion of the project each year to provide direct production of 350 jobs, picking in the planting, and circulation and other related fields to provide nearly 100 thousand new jobs, can lead three to more than 40 thousand farmers to adjust and optimize the structure of planting, breeding, planting and harvesting of raw materials by farmers can benefit directly from the industry, the average income of ten thousand years multivariate, social benefits are very significant. While the province Chaidamu region has a larger area of Chinese wolfberry resources due to natural growth in the cold and arid desert area, developed root system, disease resistance, drought resistance, barren soil, water and fertilizer conditions of low demand, rapid growth, adapt to a wide range of wind and sand, soil water holding significant effect is very good governance desert the tree in the desertification prevention and control effect is prominent. Deputy general manager of Qinghai Sheng Feng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. He Maojun said in an interview with reporters in Qinghai plateau, the special natural conditions, Chinese wolfberry and seabuckthorn as an ecological and economic species, with its unique biological and ecological characteristics, has obvious advantages and the development of ecological, economic and social benefits. Not only in desertification control, plays a positive role in protecting the ecological environment construction, and make full use of the resources and the depth of the product development, the development will effectively promote our province characteristic planting industry and resource products processing. Therefore, it is of great social significance to promote the development of characteristic agriculture resources in Qinghai Province, to speed up the development of agriculture and herdsmen, and to develop the characteristic resources industry. (author: He Wanwei)