Xining this year, the number of people applying for judicial examination than last year increased by

is known as "China’s first test," the national judicial examination because of its high scale, high "gold" has continued to heat up. In September 20th 2008, the national judicial examination unified examination, Xining City, 743 people participated in the exam, the number of candidates 195 more than last year.

junior students enter the army

the national judicial examination limit in recent years gradually relaxed, one of the largest this year allowed for the first time in 2009 this year’s college graduates, is the junior school candidates, which further enriches the judicial examination.

September 20th 8 pm, in the city of the national judicial examination center of Kunlun middle school, the reporter saw at the Qinghai University for Nationalities to study law Junior Zhang, he is very relaxed, and confidently told reporters that the new adjustment of judicial examination, no doubt they are the biggest beneficiaries. He has a lot of students are preparing for the exam, if you usually learn more solid, then I believe that junior students and other candidates in fact there is not much disadvantage."

more than a piece of employment "knock on the door"

graduated from a university in Xi’an this year, Zhang, close to the examination room, she was a little nervous, she said: because the university is a relatively popular philosophy, so relatively narrow employment. I am looking for multiple jobs but not very satisfied, on the advice of family and friends, I chose to participate in the national judicial examination, although the exam is difficult, if through their own efforts to pass the exam, I think quite bright employment prospects." In the interview, the reporter learned that, due to the national judicial examination does not limit the candidates professional, through this examination after the employment prospects of graduates is quite broad, so I apply for the national judicial examination, more enthusiastic.

in addition, the judicial examination has also attracted a lot of people studying law "befuddles". They have long been yearning for legal work, hoping to get a certificate on the professional track, or because of employment pressure, want to pass the exam to change the current state of work.

certificate containing gold to attract candidates

as a lawyer, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal work to enter the threshold of the professional work, the national judicial examination because of its high difficulty and low pass rate is known by many as "China’s first test". According to the Municipal Bureau of justice personnel, 2002 for the first time in our city through the judicial examination rate was only one percent, after the passing rate while increasing year by year, but most of the people is always in front of the "stumbling block", many of them even admitted several times but still frustrated the candidates.

The difficulty and the certificate of

examination of the "gold content" has become the key to attract candidates, candidates from the Qinghai University for Nationalities School of law told reporters, many people put the test as to test the ability of the ruler, hope to get the relevant qualification certificate at the same time, also test their academic level.