Province to help care for family planning special family

– helping to improve the gold standard, the implementation of a unified standard – for the first time established one-child family death solatium system – family planning special family to give the elderly daily life care service – low income family planning special family into the urban and rural medical assistance

newspaper news (reporter Wang Zi) March 2nd, reporters from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission held a news conference that, for a long time, the provincial government attaches great importance to the family planning special family care assistance work. This year, the province to increase the family planning special family support care. Recently, the provincial government decided to raise the standard, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial Office of human resources, the provincial housing department, the 8 departments of the provincial education department, provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, the provincial federations, issued "on the further strengthening of family planning special care work on family support", to further strengthen the care assistance work from 4 aspects.

* increase economic assistance efforts

– balancing urban and rural areas and improving the standards of assistance. From 2016 onwards, to raise the standard of assistance, and the implementation of urban and rural standards. For the woman at least 49 years of age, the only child of the death of parents, to raise the gold standard to 8000 yuan per person per year; only child disability (level three and above) parents, to help raise the gold standard to $6000 per person per year. The province’s implementation of the gold standard, the highest in the northwest five provinces.

– the first time to establish a system for the death of only child families. For the only child of the death of the family’s parents, a one-time payment of 5000 yuan per person solatium, a couple of one-time payment of $10 thousand solatium.

evening news reminder: object with one of these two conditions, the individual to the community (Village) for the neighborhood, street (township government) audit publicity, and then reported to the county health department publicity after the audit identified. Before the end of October issued in place. Determine the object can be obtained by the bank card to the bank. Assist in the declaration of gold has been in operation. Only child dying family solatium declaration is about to begin.

* do pension security services

– for more than 60 years of one-child family and child death Claus, grade two and above, no ability to support disabled elderly family planning special family, civil affairs departments into the government purchase pension services, to help meal, medical help, help clean, help purchasing, comfort and other daily life care service.

– the loss of independence for the elderly or 60 years of age or older, I have requested, in accordance with the principle of the nearest convenience, priority arrangements for the government to hold or buy various types of pension beds. To stay in the institution of economic difficulties the elderly alone lost their residence, county government should give some pension service subsidies or care subsidies.

for home care for the elderly alone lost, grass-roots community organization and coordination of their relatives or other persons, to sign the agreement, the inheritance of old-age care compensation, community supervision and enforcement, to determine the maintenance man to old-age care; also can take the government to purchase services we provide for the aged;