Xining is committed to build pleasant Railway

with the temperature gradually increased throughout the country, the province entered the tourist season, in order to be able to enjoy the pleasant scenery along the railway line, let visitors ride the train in July 14th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau led the organization and coordination of Environmental Protection Bureau of the county, is the environmental hygiene along the Qinghai Tibet Railway supervision, found the problem, timely rectification.

train speed, the railway environment can keep up with the pace?" On the same day, the reporter to follow the City Environmental Protection Bureau staff came to the train station, see an open-air recycling station in the West Lane Railway, there are hundreds of square meters of stacked scrap cabinets, spread all across in confusion, broken car, waste plastic barrels, bottles and cans…… Brightly coloured, out of order, is very loud. North District Environmental Protection Bureau staff immediately notify the person in charge of the acquisition of waste, limited to 10 days away from. Then, in the fourth sewage treatment plant near the railway line, along the way, every few meters there is a pile of construction waste, according to City District Environmental Protection Bureau staff, the construction waste is at night by the private garbage dump here. Continue walking behind three of the village, along the road to the garbage piled in the ditch, smelled the stench, mosquitoes flying, people can not help. North District Environmental Protection Bureau staff said they would immediately coordinate with the urban management department, to clean up the garbage here, and take appropriate measures to ensure clean and tidy environment along the railway.

in the West District of the church along the railway line, here is the most prominent problem is the residual housing along the crooked walls, soil self enclosed and front walls stacked with all kinds of debris and livestock, as well as a variety of materials near the open field of the material works, breaking the old tilt around the room. West District Environmental Protection Bureau staff immediately said it would increase the intensity of the rectification of the health environment in this area, to take appropriate measures to create clean and tidy environment along the railway.