Two 85 boys do spicy snacks business partnership the monthly income of 50 thousand yuan

business in the current market is not what fresh word, however, a lot of people for the understanding of the entrepreneurial market is less. In short, now speaking of business, a lot of people’s minds might first think of the "business", "venture capital", "big data" the look "tall" hot words, talking about business stories, characters are Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, said the company is "drops", "excellent", seems to want to change the world for their own entrepreneurial direction.

however, there are two "85" – Liu Bo and Li Xingqiang, their spicy snacks for entrepreneurial projects, select the target smaller, more practical road of entrepreneurship, with the convenience of the network, become "down to earth" entrepreneurial projects. With only 3 months, it attracted more than 4000 spicy powder, monthly income of up to 50 thousand.


two phones to undertake all orders

and Liu Bo, the time to meet in the election of the most busy time of the day – 9:30 in the morning of. They came in Zhenhua Road, only 30 square meters of the store, Li Xingqiang holding spoon standing on the gas stove, stirring a pot of Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce, on the other side of the pot is stewed with spicy escargot, rich spicy filled the whole house. Liu stood aside in front of the refrigerator, while charging two mobile phones, while looking at the customer’s orders, and one by one down. Then, he will have a pot of sauce squid fitted to the lunch bag, printed with the name label.

from 5:30 in the morning, two people have been busy. Liu Bo to the bus station the next day just shipped from Jiangsu fresh crayfish, then come back to the store cleaning. Li Xingqiang is going to the market procurement of raw materials needed for this day. About 7, two people simply eat breakfast, began production of nearly ten kinds of dishes including Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, Ma Xiang, tripe.

in the morning at about 11, Liu Bo will all customers order all snack box installed, to develop the most reasonable route, one will send orders. "In general, I will send two or three times at noon, on the road as long as there are new orders I will then ran back to the store to pick up more." Liu Bo said that although the store provides a full 88 yuan free distribution, but sometimes even if not to $88 he will send.

until 1:30 p.m., he will be the only 6 minutes to complete the noon. Rough calculation, which is the most expensive single 209 yuan, a noon time they earned nearly a thousand dollars. At 2:30 in the afternoon, two people eat lunch. After a simple break, 4 in the afternoon, the lack of goods will be re prepared by the two, to the afternoon of 5 and began to send the goods at night. "The most busy time is the summer night, a lot of supper customers are our love for snacks, sometimes the night to 1 a.m.." Liu Bo said.

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