Yipinxian cattle restaurant franchise

What is the main form of the future development of

catering industry? Obviously, the requirements of the development of the times, innovative food and beverage technology and scientific management is the necessary conditions for the development of the catering industry, how to achieve? The form of food and beverage franchise has become an inevitable trend. This business model will gradually replace the traditional food and beverage industry business model, and fast to industrialization, collectivization, modernization.

is now the domestic market catering brand very much, but the most popular consumer, is also the steak, but the traditional Western-style food steak, though delicious, but the price is too high, many consumers balk. Since the fresh bovine restaurant market, quickly attracted delicacy enthusiasts, fresh beef steak at high prices to break the status quo, launched a steak delicacy for ordinary consumers, spend little money, can enjoy high quality of delicacy.

fresh cow restaurant to steak, grilled, fried products cover a variety of barbecue, dessert and drinks, snack, material diversity, easy production, taste rich, flexible dining. One of the cattle ingredients are green food, nutrition and health, the low fat high protein of beef, fusion of specialty ingredients to produce all kinds of fashion, delicacy, and collocation of all kinds of snacks, taste strong consumer challenges too wonderful for words, taste and visual experience. Fresh beef row mellow taste, smell the smell of a sense of hierarchy, so that diners in a fragrance is competitive catering brand.

and fresh cattle in the restaurant service, store decoration, food quality and taste were performed no better than other Western-style food brands, which makes a lot of loyal fans Western-style food interested in fresh cow restaurant. Fresh cow restaurant always adhere to the quality, well done steak delicacy, creating Western-style food, let Chinese taste authentic western steak flavor. Yipinxian cattle will be the traditional western culture and Chinese elements of the perfect fusion, to meet the needs of Chinese and Western fast-food culture elements from pure, unique and comfortable dining atmosphere, so that consumers can experience the hitherto unknown western style, favored by the vast number of consumers.

today, the complex operation has become a trend, the store provides products, services, the more consumers can attract more. Western restaurant can provide fresh cattle steak, pizza, pasta, soup, salad, Cantonese style burger, drinks and other hundreds of food products for consumers and stores every month to launch new products, one-stop shop to meet the various needs of consumers, but also constantly more new products to attract the attention of consumers.

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