The 6 reason is most likely to cause breast pain female health network

of life after breast pain: breast congestion and swell not promptly subsided, or does not subside completely, persistent congestion will cause breast pain.


of adolescent breast pain: at the age of 9-13, then the girl breast develops, slight pain, with breast maturation will disappear.

if the breast sudden persistent, severe pain, and those with obvious tenderness, then consider a variety of acute infectious disease of the breast. Such as the occurrence of local pain, it is likely that the local has been festering. If the breast pain is paroxysmal, and often with pre menstrual breast pain or premenstrual pain began to increase, after the pain was relieved or disappeared, pain or needle like, sometimes involving the ipsilateral armpit or shoulder, local mild to moderate tenderness, is considered as hyperplastic lesions. Sometimes in lactating women often have severe pain in the nipple, nipple broken, cracked, mostly caused by baby sucking bite nipple nipple.


pathological pain must be careful

premenstrual breast pain: This is due to premenstrual levels, breast hyperplasia, breast tissue edema caused by. After menstruation, these symptoms disappear.

The most common problem with

pain was only mild pain or dull pain, had no obvious regularity, is only incidental or burst, some continuity, because of the pain is not obvious but often overlooked, this also for breast pain >

breast pain after abortion: after artificial abortion, some women with breast pain, and palpable mass, this is due to a sudden interruption of pregnancy, the hormone levels drop sharply, to just development of breast suddenly stop growing, resulting in breast tumor and breast pain.

female breast is breast pain. According to statistics, more than 75% of women will have a breast pain experience in life. In general, women in different periods due to physiological changes caused by temporary breast pain, medically referred to as "physiological breast pain", the common types of the following.

said. In fact, breast cancer with breast pain as the performance is less than 10%, and recent reports have suggested that breast pain is usually unrelated to cancer, especially still menstruating women. But we still need to maintain a high degree of vigilance against the following pain.

With the increased vigilance against breast cancer, many women worry that breast pain is a sign of breast cancer,

: 3-7 days postpartum postpartum breast pain often appear breasts pain, induration, pain. This is mainly due to breast lymph retention, venous filling, interstitial edema and poor breast duct.

breast pathological pain often has its characteristics and changes. At this time, it is often necessary for a professional doctor to integrate the history and symptoms, and to make a correct diagnosis.

breast pain during pregnancy: some women in 40 days of pregnancy, because estrogen levels change, make the breast hyperplasia, breast enlargement, and breast pain, or sustained throughout pregnancy, without treatment.