Ganmian Lang let you eat is authentic Shougan

Shougan is one of the hot selling products in many varieties of pasta, noodles are deeply loved and welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Ganmian Lang Shougan, a tug between gluten tenacious, a line is very worried about, thousands have been shaken chowhound. Ganmian Lang since 2001 since the founding, the headquarters is located in Anhui Luzhou, always with the development of national independent brand, promote the traditional pasta culture and establish the Shougan brand mission, another way in the dispute with fast food brand, has become a pioneer in Shougan brand and a good choice.

roll Lang letinous edodes chicken noodles

good nutrition delicious

Ganmian Lang Shougan high gluten flour, pure handmade, after baking – – – tasty soup recipe – deodorization – cold dish – boil oil – save – maintenance 10 steps, and two, three, a pressure kneading, four, five, six push up roll, cut seven. Noodles bar without hard, soft and not bad, whole wheat food, does not contain any additives, rich in carbohydrates, cellulose and vitamin E, real health and health.

roll hot belly


simple operation management experience

roll Lang farewell cumbersome operation, carefully developed a hand roll of standardized production processes, private secret, difficult to imitate, competitiveness is very strong, 15 years of management experience in the food and beverage operations, standardized management, professional team operation, ensure the brand effect of Ganmian Lang; headquarters factory strong R & D team, two new products per month two times a year, update. Ensure that the dishes continue to upgrade to meet market demand!

Ganmian Lang Shougan, single exclusive Touzhaoyue, group AA is more cost-effective, commuters shopping paradise, energy station people, family meals is a good place for the bustling feel, income does not close