How to reduce the cost of opening a Deli

even if a project is good, if in the business, do not pay attention to the cost, then even if there is a return in the end, it is not necessarily a true profit, so we must pay attention to the cost of business control. So now if you open a deli, how to reduce this cost?

dishes the amount of raw materials began to learn from the western restaurant such as quantitative approach, raw materials must be weighed, not by experience to hand measure and so on, to maximize the net rate of effective method is to make full use of the scrap scrap, through innovative technology manufacture many sell substantial dishes, so you can maximize the cost minimum profit.

real good cost control, so as to let the late profit becomes more rapid, it will get rich faster food business. Through the introduction of the above, have you learned how to reduce the operating costs of cooked food store?