As a fast-food chain to join

food and beverage industry as the industry, many people are aware of such a situation that is China catering, catering to the fast food industry, Chinese fast food fast food industry to occupy the entire market share of 90%, while the western fast food only accounted for ten percent of the market share in the future, no doubt Chinese will still be fast food market. The leading market of Chinese fast food. The advent of the Internet era, Chinese fast food business benefits will be getting better and better, food and beverage investment projects selected fast food restaurant is a good choice. Chinese fast food shop to join the editorial recommendation for you as a fast food chain.

was a fast-food chain to join

was a Chinese simple meal chain originated in the famous delicacy of all – Chongqing, after 10 years of practice, he has been leading a Chinese Chinese fast food franchise industry, the company has set up direct joining nearly 70 restaurants, dining services daily for more than 100000 customers. With a simple meal chain with pricing strategies and are popular and comfortable dining environment, with investment is not high, stable income, cash flow, risk low return etc., as the business is not affected by the spring and autumn season, without geographical restrictions to shop in the northwest to the southeast, forestalled the broad prospects.

Extensive validation of

up to 14 years in the national market, won the honor for a fruitful one, and was established in 2002 as a brand has won the Chongqing famous brand and excellent chain enterprises, national green food enterprises, well-known franchise brands, the most popular chain brand, the most popular ten venture investment projects, the most investment value of the brand, the franchisee satisfaction of franchising enterprises etc..

was a joining process:

1, telephone consultation;

2, look for the right store;

3, the shop location map and shop floor plan fax to the company;

4, signed a letter of intent;

5, the franchisee to pay margin of intent;

6, the company choose the day before to study;

7, franchisees signed a lease market;

8, joined the business to the company signed a franchise contract, the intention of the deposit into the loan;

9, the company according to the situation of shop design and decoration and display;

10, joined the shop decoration company to assist in the planning, training, distribution, publicity and other preparations for the opening.