Shop name with district Title need to pay fee

to the shop to take a name, especially a satisfactory name is actually very difficult, some shopkeepers in order to facilitate, but also to make consumers more easily remember, so they use the name of the district. However, open shops in the District, if the store name and the name of community as "the title would have to pay 1000 yuan fee", this kind of thing you heard?

4 month 21 days, receiving the report of Ms. Zhang to open a convenience store in Urumqi River Road and Sheng Yuan Xiao Qu in the post, the reporters came to the convenience store, see the name "Sheng Yuan and convenience store", is named after the village name. Some places have not been fully furnished, a number of decoration tools piled in the corner. Shop advocate Ms. said: "we have signed the contract shop in November 2012, but only recently renovated, just started business."

"a few days ago, we put the door installed, the property staff said after reading can not use the name of community, afternoon someone came to say ‘naming fee’, said the district name must pay." Zhang took out the store’s industrial and commercial business license, said, business license are run down, if the store name infringement, the license can be done down?" Reporters saw the convenience store in the name of the business license is indeed the same name with the district.

Ms. Zhang

reluctantly said: "when we want to name a few, but that is not very easy, we can not think about the other, with the cell name. Did not expect to make these things."

in the reporter’s proposal, Ms. Zhang made a telephone call Urumqi legal. A lawyer said: "you are engaged in the industry and others in the first registration of the same name of the enterprise is not in the same industry or not in the same administrative divisions, there is no infringement." Ms. Zhang’s convenience store is a commercial, residential property belonging to the service industry, is two completely different industries, so there is no infringement of the law in question.

then, Ms. Zhang dialed Urumqi city Industrial and Commercial Bureau phone, the staff said that if her shop for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households if there is generally no infringement, because the name of the company and individual business name audit audit are separate, not mutually exclusive, no infringement. And when she applied for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, the first thing you need to do is to name the approval, if the existence of the same or similar name, she will apply for registration to change the name of re apply.

reporter and Ms. Zhang’s husband once again found the property company. At the beginning, the property company staff attitude said: "no matter I have no provisions, anyway, you use the name of community must pay!" Ms. Zhang’s husband said that the matter has been consulted and asked the lawyer of the trade and Industry Bureau, there is no infringement problem. Then the other one said: "the money you pay for it, does not pay for you."