No dead to solve the capital bottleneck of Wuhan women’s Federation founded women’s entrepreneurship

now has become the main theme of entrepreneurship, the whole society at the same time, our country is in for some Small and micro businesses also give a lot of policy support and support, recently, Wuhan women’s Federation created a communication platform for women entrepreneurs.

reduce mutual deposit, lower interest rates, lower threshold, high quality service and preferential incentives

the "top ten business eagles, Municipal Women’s modern agricultural science and technology demonstration base for Yu Xiangmin because the company is running well, good reputation and good development prospects and other advantages, has won two of the funds totaling 5 million 300 thousand yuan loan. Output from about 50000000 yuan in 2013 this year is expected to grow to nearly $80 million, profit is expected to increase by nearly 30%.

: Women’s science and technology venture capital fund

million for the first phase of fund raising, the late size will reach 100 million yuan

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