Xiamen iron cage to make the building fat circle

in our daily life for the home of the housing area, there are certain provisions and requirements, but some people are constantly expanding their living area. Wailimian chaos, especially the disorder add iron cage, a key to the public report. Even Japan, according to the clues, the reporter visited the survey found that many roads nearby, anti-theft network of housing are quietly to the "growth", the original neat facade of the building was "convex" rough – different materials and different height, different size and specifications of the "iron cage", to allow the construction of "fat" a circle, spoil the enthusiasm.


location: Xue Ling Bei Li 91-100

old touch window rusty pan new touch window to try to expand

The success of

along the avenue of the Xue Ling Bei Li 91-100, several buildings of pale red and white stripes of multi-storey residential building, the district was built in 1990s. Add a touch of the window of the old residential buildings, not only significantly old also fat". Reporters saw, regardless of whether or not to install the window, residential buildings facing the window next to the side of the road are almost hanging outside the air conditioner.

comparison of the old and the new window is also more obvious: the same ladder, the third floor of the balcony touch the window has rusted, appears to be old; and the four floor of the new decoration is white net, but also extended to the surrounding about more than and 10 cm.

location: near the head of the night market since building

touch the window rust rusty clothes hanging on the security net

along the road to success to Xianyue road direction, to the head of the river near the night market, there are several buildings scattered residential buildings. Nearby residents said that this piece is from the housing, more than and 10 years.

reporter saw households facing the door of the corridor and stairs handrails on the road, there are a number of barbed wire security network. Most of the residents in the security network between the pull up the clothesline, and some directly hang the clothes on the Internet security. Some residents are still touching the window welding a layer of iron, iron rust appeared, rather dazzling.

location: Changle village, a residential area

bump bump size balcony closed completely different

in Changle Road Changle village bus station after the residential building, 1990s residents here most of the windows and balconies are set up touch window, shape or square or arc, size, material, different colors.

street two floor up to the touch window, and the first floor of the store almost flush, the whole area of "fat" in a circle. Three recommended