Hyperplasia of mammary glands and emotional relationship female health network

women with family and career, facing the pressure of competition, busy work, depressed mood, irregular life, overwork and other comprehensive mental factors, endocrine disorders will.

when a woman is always in anger, worry, worry, worry and other negative emotional state, it will inhibit the ovarian function of ovulation, progesterone appears to reduce, so that the relative increase in estrogen, resulting in breast hyperplasia.

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therefore, breast hyperplasia and the relationship between emotion and emotional instability is an important factor in breast hyperplasia, suggested that women should be appropriate for their own decompression, maintain a stable mood, optimistic attitude, and actively prevent the occurrence of breast hyperplasia.

therefore, women should be aware of the relationship between breast hyperplasia and emotional, positive release of unhealthy emotions away from breast hyperplasia.

unstable emotion, love and anger, anger harms liver, liver Qi deposition, two rib pain, breast and liver size are closely related.