The 300 boys have a kind of hungry call grandma think ‘m hungry!

grandparents with children is a variety of love, fear of not wearing warm, not enough to eat. In Huzhou there is a boy in junior two 300 pounds, is because the grandmother’s love, weight soared, the moment had to drop out, accompanied by her mother to lose weight!

2 boys 300 kg class snoring, physical education can’t run…… Because too fat, Huzhou 14 years old boy Siu Ho (a pseudonym) had to leave. Before grandpa and grandma if he is hungry, in order to let him grow stronger, ready to give him as much as possible. Little Hao was 14 years old, weight soared to nearly 300 pounds.

a hungry called grandma think you hungry ~

"I have never seen such a big child." Dr. Kim regrets, according to the height of 1 meters 84, 160 pounds have been considered fat. The mother complained, said his son read the first two days of a middle school in Changxin, because too fat, learning life has become a problem at home: sleep snoring, sleep. Even when the class has suddenly fell asleep, snoring rumbling, how can wake. This is because the fat is too much, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, it is easy to get sleepy.

one to PE running, the speed of Howard can only be called "walk", and walk no effort.

to lose weight drop out half year


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