Minority business popular restaurant

restaurant market competition, want to earn a delicious wealth in the catering sector know how to take the "shortcut" is a rich king. Ethnic restaurants selling, diners are willing early adopters, so business is excellent. Open a national restaurant, wealth can not run.

first debut "Griddle Cake volume mutton" quite amazing — with the most nutritious meat sheep hind, minced mutton fusion grain, leek, onion, carrots, green peppers and other grain grain, fried delicious, Griddle Cake is a steamed, is said to be just good 45 minutes duration, more less points will not work, but also to face and not soft not hard, not thin not thick, too thick easy sticky mouth, too thin it will rot. Eat very enjoyable — spread Griddle Cake scoop a big spoon, minced meat, put a few green onions, coriander root, wrapped up a bite, delicious straight forehead.

DaPanJi up to three yellow contrast screening time — a selection of a whole chicken market only two pounds, chicken flavor, full weight, and potatoes are standard red potatoes, not only sweet taste, color and lustre. Under scrutiny, found no head, I was told that the real Islamic practices even chicken feet are not in the so-called abandoned homes head foot, but because the old likes to eat chicken feet, the store will also into the village with the customs.