Shenzhen Polytechnic flying for entrepreneurial students ideal

College as the cradle of college students, is the college students have just embarked on the road to entrepreneurship, an indispensable climber. Create entrepreneurship Park SZPT, offers a number of advantages of resources, as many students flying entrepreneurial ideal.

"is a lot of fun! This advertising is acceptable, unlike other video games, in front of you abruptly stuffed to the hard advertising so annoying." The students who play games.

deep sword

this is the highest level, the most influential of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, 57253 students in 1878 colleges and universities nationwide entrepreneurial team participation. The Liu Xiaozhen team won the silver medal in the national finals, is the highest honor of the national vocational college team won, is the only one in Guangdong Province, the only 3 won the prize in Higher Vocational team.

"in addition to implant in the game in the background of advertising, we also provide carrier enterprises tailored to their needs." Liu Xiaozhen said.

in "play." this platform, they are custom game and put on the soft advertising, as a new carrier of enterprise and product promotion. Liu Xiaozhen said: "we are characterized by the traditional media to avoid high fees, lack of originality, the user experience is poor, difficult to continue to focus on problems, let users in the entertainment, no rejection to accept advertising" bombing "."

he introduced, interactive games promotion platform users can edit, multi template, can be customized, after nearly a few months of publicity and promotion, will play Oh "registered users has reached over a million people. At present, the company has established cooperation with Qihoo 360, Huarun group, Internet Bank and other large enterprises. Although the company created a very short time, but recommended