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study found that breast and nipple areola pigment as a normal female, pearl, is the perfect development of the ovary and uterus.

data show that there are normal, regular, harmonious life of women, breast lobular hyperplasia, premenstrual syndrome and other gynecological diseases of breast disease incidence is low. Satisfactory sexual life can also improve the body immunity, so that the body’s T lymphocytes in the best state, with the prevention of breast cancer. The most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

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women’s sexual sensitive area, first around the vagina, followed by the breast. Sexual life, when his wife wearing a thin underwear, like dew non exposed breasts can stimulate the sexual desire of her husband through visual effects. Her husband through the caress, touch and even kiss nipple stimulation, both to help arouse the wife’s sexual desire, but also to communicate the emotional exchanges between the two sides, stimulate her husband’s sexual excitement.

normal, moderate and regular sexual life, can promote the blood circulation of the breast, so that the body endocrine function more perfect. There are a lot of women before immature breast, after a period of time after the marriage life, breast plump becomes tall and straight, flat chest uplift was past the peak, looks lovingly pathetic.

woman during sexual excitement, papillary structure of smooth muscle fibers will be can’t help shrink up, become full; areola obvious hyperemia, breast swelling volume increased, breast skin surface vein dilation. Breast swelling, the vagina has been fully moist, ready to engage in sexual intercourse. The excitement fades, areola and nipple congestion up quickly disappeared, and the increasing expansion of breast milk filling vein gradually returned to normal.

sexual life can make the breast more plump, more healthy

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