New business opportunities in rural areas

had seen the city living in the countryside are out in the run, where working around, but the rural is actually a piece of treasure, some people find the potential business opportunities in rural areas, which has become a millionaire entrepreneurs, today’s article is about such a woman.

from a small range of cattle farmers, development up to now has a large cattle breeding base, specialized farms and superior profit our excellent young entrepreneurs, who through their own efforts and struggle not only changed my fate, but also the progress of the villagers to get rich enthusiasm, open up the villagers’ income road. She is Jilin province Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Longjing old man town of copper is plain near the Wang Guirong village.

opens up a new world of

entrepreneurship in the home, not less than the money inside, you can take care of the home." In April 11th, the village is still the Longjing old man town of copper, see this is known as the "woman" Wang Guirong. At the age of 35, she was enthusiastic and talkative, in the story about entrepreneurship, revealing women’s own pride and pride.

2008 years, Wang Guirong and her husband working abroad to return to his hometown to start their own businesses. Investigation to the copper rich capital, is still the village site, planting seed and superior weather conditions on aquaculture have a great advantage, Wang Guirong see my business prospects. She has purchased 50 Yanbian yellow cattle as a startup, multi skill personnel hiring, take the superstitious culture method, carry out to more than 100 in less than 2 years, and in the lower policy support was founded in 2010 under the Longjing Chuangxing cattle breeding base, establish a modern barn, a 700 square meters of standard 2300 cubic meters of silo, now the population to fan 360 cows, the slaughter of 300 cattle.

let youth dance

has some of the final victories, so that Wang Guirong’s determination to the future, and the establishment of a new purpose. The village is located in favorable conditions for copper in Yanbian outskirts, and in recent years the tourism industry is booming and people living further progress from time to time, she took a part of the funds into the catering business, beginning a variety of operations. In 2009, she set up the investment of 300 square meters and has a bronze and restaurant manager, interventional operation. In 2013, based on the original harmonic Fanpu further expansion of 1000 square meters, the copper is still the village and the surrounding area the largest restaurant. Because of excellent equipment, food, service, scientific management, careful and delicious, our operation is on the upgrade. And you will see the hotel in the city, and also not to have dinner time, these consumers have reaction, The house is full of guests., her bitter food is delicious, there is a family warm and taste.

followed the breeding and catering industry from time to time strong, Wang Guirongjian