Baker earned billions of dollars of ordinary items in business opportunities

has a lot of entrepreneurs in the ordinary life, and these extraordinary entrepreneurs are constantly interpretation of a series of extraordinary entrepreneurship, then say the entrepreneur is started from selling bread.

he is like the martial arts world, leveraging the power of the master, in the entertainment, catering, baking, dairy and other areas of cross-border business resourceful even selling small bread, also can sell hundreds of millions of wealth. Recently, the Shenzhen Business Daily reporter interviewed the cross-border business wizards Chen Kuo-Fu, he is a brand of bread Shenzhen, Guangzhou franchise owner.

1994, my wife and two young children returned to Hongkong from the United states." Chen Kuo-Fu was founded in Hongkong in the United States Adventure Park, currently has 48 stores, is the largest indoor family playground. From 2006, he opened 13 bread shop in Shenzhen in 6 years.

When these factors make feasible analysis of

high profit small bread;A senior magician named