After 80 college students returning home to start a pig farm

now as long as it comes to what students, rural entrepreneurship, a lot of people are very interested in listening to the story of others, will be aware of their lack of courage and courage. College Students’ entrepreneurship is a hot topic in today society, women in is that the 80 students, to see her story.

28 year old Jiang Kaiping, a petite, not applied prostitute. She is wearing a blue overalls in pig manure, busy washing disinfection, feeding for piglets…… 25 kg bags of pig feed, her hand twisting a bag; stinking pig manure, she scooped up no frown; alive and kicking piglets, she catches a certain…… Quick action, calm demeanor, in contrast with the delicate appearance.

"huge gap, originally did not fit into a stinking pig, it work, one day down, as if the smell penetrated into the skin. Stay for a long time on the habit, now a day does not hear a pig, my heart is empty, the original feel dirty pig, now seems naive, just like their pets." Jiang Kaiping said with a smile.

was a "rich girl" Jiang Kaiping was born in a peasant family in Yongchuan. In 2003, after graduating from high school, his father took 30 thousand yuan toil to save money, so she opened a small clothing store in Yongchuan City, but business is not good. 2006, chat with her classmates, said she had relatives is a senior manager in Guangzhou evergreen garment factory, the factory production of clothing is a part of the process to get the factory processing, such as embroidery, sewing accessories etc.. Jiang Kaiping keen smell opportunity — there are a large number of local rural elderly women, can do needlework, if you put them back to the church, and they can not work for yourself now.