4 trends of nternet development in China in 2015

century is an era of mobile Internet, at the same time, in such an era, an era of opportunities and challenges, investors will also have the eye of investment to the mobile Internet industry, so the future development of mobile Internet, what are the trends?

Internet on all aspects of our life have great influence, so this year China in the rapid development of the industry and what new changes? Professionals have a lot of predictions, with China’s rapid development of the network to see what the trend of development.

1, car networking will usher in a breakthrough

2, the Internet market will significantly slow down

and 2014 is the fifth wave of Internet Chinese market tide, this year at least more than 100 Internet and extensive Internet companies visit the capital market in China and the United States, including Alibaba, Jingdong and outstanding enterprises. After the baptism of the market and the corresponding bubble looming, 2015 will be the year the Internet listing of the year listed Internet companies will be far less than in 2014.   however, the entertainment industry (including advertising and marketing) will be thriving, there are a number of companies listed. Similarly, in 2015 the investment industry (especially angel investment) heat will be reduced compared to 2014 (in addition to the field of O2O).

3, PC game is still rapid development of

4, the Internet to buy movie tickets accounted for nearly

to say what the industry to subvert the Internet most thoroughly, it is undoubtedly the film industry. In recent years, with the rise of online group purchase and seat selection, some movies frequently 30% or even 50% of the audience from the Internet channel, although the data of a lot of water, there are obvious loopholes, but it is undeniable that mutual recommendation