Guangxi started construction of migrant workers Park pilot counties

A business that

today’s era, everywhere to create a series of business pilot, many entrepreneurs to provide a good public entrepreneurial environment, at the same time, but also a better interpretation of the theme of such an era of entrepreneurship.

2013 in mid November, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, autonomous region people’s Congress Chairman Peng Qinghua to Tianyang County, migrant workers work to investigate, and asked the local Party committee and government should try boldly, continue to break through the obstacles and restrictions, create better conditions for migrant workers.


It is reported that

, by the autonomous region identified as migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction pilot counties, the county will acquire autonomous special grant funds 4 million yuan, for migrant workers to strengthen business park infrastructure construction. At the same time, the county migrant workers entrepreneurship Park will also serve as the autonomous region of the first batch of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park project construction is included in the annual performance appraisal, together with other pilot county migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction project to meet the end of December this year and next August to periodically check the project acceptance of the two assessment. After passing the examination, will receive 1 million yuan subsidy funds incentives.