More let summer shade shop business fire

hot summer, where you can feel the sun, people are reluctant to go out. Once there was a little shade, people would love to be in the shade. In fact, this is for the store, but also an opportunity. If we can make some more shops around the shade, believe it will be of great help for the development of business shop.

spring quietly flowing away, the sun will return to the north. Another summer is approaching, how can we be heatstroke prevention, damp proof and maximum cost savings, believe that this is the owner of each retail mind.

in recent years, do not know whether the earth really warming, every summer, no V, can use hot to do the most accurate interpretation and description of the weather, a word, heat. But my shop front is very cool, shop without air conditioning, not only their own business in the shop did not suffer, but also attracted many villagers to me in front of the store to chat in the summer at leisure not only increased the popularity, but also led to the sales.

shop in the first year, in fact, I also did not suffer less, at that time, because no experience, after the volt, every day I have a sauna in the store, although the feet cold, hands shaking, hot or a prickly heat, because of the uncomfortable heat, the customer is in a hurry, the summer after I figured the profit is not enough, electricity costs.

learned a lesson, I will let the family Fangqianwuhou is planted poplar, and planted two trees in front of the grape. Second years of spring, and let the family in front of a loofah, put up the grape frames on the roofs and in front of the dog days of the year, the grape door erected on the roof covered with vines, green also dropped a lot to the indoor temperature.

with the passage of time, when planting saplings have become, the grape in front of my shop is a wild profusion of vegetation, can be said to be lined Biri, there are so many shade from the sun. Do not use a fan shop sooner or later, outside the shade, have become a good place for chatting and playing cards at leisure, summer recreation, popularity, benefits will naturally increase!

but block the scorching sun, the interior was cool, moist but serious than before. No way, had to put some crude, easy to moldy food in the fridge, I put some shelves below the corner of lime, not to mention the smoke box at the bottom of combustion on the waste coal cinder, the simple use of waste, did not spend a penny, it solves the problem of anti mildew proof.

In fact, the overall operation of the

has not changed much, but the development of the store business is not small change. Let the shop around more shade, so that waste can be effectively used, so you can not spend money to enjoy the cool, damp proof, we are interested in, but also give it a try.