The world’s top ten car brands list

have you ever had this kind of trouble? After the decision to buy a car, but because the car brand too much, and each brand has a lot of products below, resulting in simply do not know what kind of choice should be made. Here, Xiao Bian will come to the secret of the world’s top ten car brands list to see if there is a satisfactory car brand in your mind.

small partners in the process of buying a car will encounter such a problem; why this car is not as good as other models, but the price is much more expensive? Is it just because it is a joint venture brand? Indeed, a car prices in addition to the design, research and development, material and so on, is also an important factor of brand, brand value is higher, the price will rise, like the stars and star paycheck as two or three line. So in so many brands, who is the most valuable? 2016, the market researcher Millward Brown to complete the research on the value of more than a hundred car brands, today Xiaobian to sort out the top ten.

global automotive brand NO.10. ten Tesla

Tesla dengbang is very surprising, and it was also defeated last year in the tenth Lexus. Although not what brand history, but Tesla is committed to using the most innovative technology, accelerate the development of sustainable transport. Tesla in technology provides an efficient way for the realization of sustainable energy supply, reduce global dependence on oil transportation; through the open patent and other car manufacturers, and vigorously promote the development of pure electric cars in the world.

world’s top ten car brands NO.9. Porsche

Porsche did not appear in this year’s top 100 global companies list, and last year failed to squeeze into the top 10 car companies. But after a year of successful operation, its market value has reached $4 billion 400 million, up to ninth place.

world’s top ten car brands NO.8. Land Rover

Land Rover’s market capitalization of $4 billion 700 million, but compared with last year, its ranking fell by five. Land Rover is one of the world specializing in the production of 4WD company, which is the British national treasure brand of Rolls-Royce.

world’s top ten car brands NO.7. Audi

Audi market capitalization of $9 billion 500 million, compared with last year dropped by six. Audi is a famous German automobile brand, and after the Mercedes Benz and BMW, as a high level of technology, quality standard, innovation ability, and the classic styles of representative models, Audi is one of the world’s most successful brands.