Entrepreneurship Education in Tianjin University

generally speaking, college students entrepreneurship is the lack of experience accumulation, they are more on their own or other people’s advice to step by step to go their own way. This year, Tianjin University, but specifically for college students to carry out entrepreneurship education, I believe it can provide some knowledge accumulation.

"entrepreneurship education is not only narrow to allow students to open a business, a restaurant, but the cultivation of students’ entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship buried a seed in their heart." In February 3rd at the Tianjin University School of Entrepreneurship (Xuan Huai College) listing ceremony, Tianjin University President Li Jiajun said. He believes that entrepreneurship education in universities need to cultivate more innovative talents with entrepreneurial spirit, and to build a "public space"".

for the preparation of the college, Tianjin local government, universities, enterprises and social organizations invested a total of 3 billion 300 million yuan, hoping to provide financial support from venture capital fund, to provide practical opportunities for building business base.

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