Female doctor to open a coffee shop is not only to create entrepreneurial life

has been studying in the campus of the female graduate student of Dr. Chen Yanling, she does not do a white-collar, not to do research, but chose to return home to open a cafe. The woman said that she was not to start a business, but to create a new way of life.

9 morning, Mianzhu city in the German town of filial piety New Year paintings village, a village bustling cafes opened. Unlike other cafes, the owner of the cafe Chen Yanling is not only a Deyang girl, but also a graduate of Tsinghua University, business administration. The female doctor admitted that the cafe opened also round his heart years of dedication to "dream girl", therefore, she also invited more than 10 classmate friends site to help out.

1989 was born in, is a professional doctor of business administration in Tsinghua University, PhD, is about to graduate, who also with the campus atmosphere. She, like many young and beautiful girls, dressed in fashion, beautiful and generous. Talk calmly, words with wisdom, knowledge with calm temperament. Introduce students to Chen Yanling learning experience as the standard Curve Wrecker, and loyalty to friends is upright, have a strong sense of responsibility, which is called "the perfect goddess class character.

is such a perfect goddess after graduation, but she grew up to New Year paintings won their own village, "teenage dream", opened a cafe. For the original intention, Chen Yanling, in Beijing for 9 years of school life, fast-paced lifestyle, intense academic research, let Chen Yanling feel tired, plus a teenage dream, in September last year, Chen Yanling had to open a cafe in the village idea. For the opening of the village cafe, Chen Yanling quipped: I am not a venture, but a living. I’m not a career, just a way of life."