Channel up to the world 2015 Gold Award winners announced the full list

current business has become a national event, many entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience with each other to jointly explore entrepreneurial problems, in the continuous exploration of the support of the competition forward. In December 18th, the "channel of the world · 2015" wisdom channel leader summit and Jin Rui awards ceremony ended in Hefei Jin Yuan in the hotel, each enterprise sharing a venture capital.

the "channel of the world · 2015 summit, deeply concerned by the leadership of Hefei City, Shushan district party secretary Li Xueming and other city leaders, in his busy schedule to visit the site for the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

2015 wisdom channel leaders summit, in the channel network group chairman You Dongyun, the great era ·, the best time to start the speech.

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and our "duck king" — called a duck founder Mr. Zubo will tell you, is to use the catering service, with the strongest manufacturing moved, belonging to the user’s Internet echo.

2015 is a year of rapid development of Internet banking, is subversive, evolution, or sharing? The channel network group of independent directors, Secretary General of thousands of Internet financial and stock Internet Securities founder Mr. Yi Huanhuan shared the past year’s financial development to us, about from the traditional economy to share economic development path, analysis of future industrial layout, share business transformation of the road.