Ding Xiaoheng to tap the pain point of Rural Entrepreneurship

said the rural electricity supplier business opportunities, but in the face of such a huge market cake should be how the knife? Nankai graduate Ding Xiaoheng starting from the product, the successful entry of rural electricity supplier market using O2O model.

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"d always 2 weeks to help me sell hundreds of thousands of pounds of apples, or my unmarketable 200 thousand pounds of apples can do……" Jixian County Xi Long Hu Yu Guo master is realfarmers, he has been painstakingly built their own apple orchard, but the economic benefit is not ideal. The Jixian County Apple limited visibility, coupled with this year’s overall economic situation also affected the fruit industry, his home about 200000 pounds of apples in the orchard in unsalable condition. And this situation in the encounter Ding total has changed.

Master Guo mouth "Ding" is the College of chemistry Nankai University 2013 graduate Ding Xiaoheng, the first half of this year, he and the College of computer and control engineering 08 undergraduates Gao Yang co founded "hat farm" team, committed to the establishment from the "farmers" to "home users" and "O2O" integration "train". A recent project team, and the other is to help master Guo Jixian County farmers to sell hundreds of thousands of pounds of apples unmarketable.

to agricultural products "labeled"

for the first "pain points", Ding Xiaoheng explained that the goods are generally brand of agricultural products, but it is difficult to have its own brand, "Yantai apple" are "gegu Radish" origin attribute, and a certain brand egg is just a single output of agricultural products. Agricultural products from production to go to the old people’s home, there will be a wholesaler and supplier at hand, not only increases the cost of agricultural products, and whether the use of chemical fertilizers, food additives and other factors is not unified, become uncontrollable.

"America" Dole "as the well-known brand of agricultural products, and China without the brand of agricultural products is similar, I hope people will mention" straw farm "and" security "and" green "" trustworthy "link." Ding Xiaoheng said, "all agricultural straw farm management, is the first team to ensure product safety, personally inspected the green, then acquired directly from the origin.

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