Japan will be involved in war risk through security laws

as a peaceful era theme in today’s society, has become the consensus of many countries, but recently, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, despite the opposition of security act to promote the peace of the whole world has also brought great hidden trouble.

regardless of opposition leader Abe Shinzo from all walks of life, the Japanese government will be 18 this month in the country’s Senate plenary meeting on the security bill forced to vote, the establishment of the end of September before the closing of the Congress and intends to put it into effect, Japan’s postwar security policy will usher in a major change. If there is no accident, Andouble led by the ruling party with a number of advantages enough to make the bill passed. But there are signs that Andouble pushed Japan to return to a normal state of the road is not smooth, it will add more worries to the situation in the surrounding area.

[ ] to ignore public opinion; insisted on promoting

17, Japan’s ruling party and the opposition party’s Senate Special Committee on peace and security legal voting security law launched a fierce battle. At the meeting, chairman Misaki Sato Masaku has been a member of the opposition of the containment, order at the scene almost out of control. The presence of Andouble sat watching not far away, not to declare. Outside the venue, there are still people opposed to the security act in front of Congress in the early morning meeting, in the rain in protest, demanding the repeal of the bill. However, the ruling coalition is still forced by virtue of the number of people to pass the bill.

The most critical

from abandon the three principles of arms exports to expand spending, from the development of "specific secret protection law" to give up the SDF "civilian rule" principle, from strengthening the Japan US military alliance to develop security law, in expanding the SDF overseas military activities back, once known as the "Andouble amendment his political mission", in its recommendation