Narcissus ball season to earn 20 thousand to get rich quickly

people’s living conditions better, pay more attention to the delight of life, many people will buy some plants, also let the business become very good, a plant daffodil is popular, if you want to know what are the benefits of Narcissus, this project has the prospect of entrepreneurial choice, then go!

1. [method] culture of Narcissus ball selection in our country at present the types of Zhangzhou Narcissus, Narcissus Narcissus Chongming and Zhoushan wild narcissus. Zhangzhou narcissus for cultivation in Zhangzhou area of Fujian province narcissus bulb mast shape beauty, easy foot and foot bud bud, symmetrical, scape, fragrance flower, the famous Chinese Narcissus varieties. Chongming narcissus for cultivation in Shanghai area of Chongming narcissus bulb, small, scales dense and thin, not easy to foot or foot bud buds without symmetry, scapes less, flowers pale, is also famous varieties in china. The species of wild Narcissus in Zhejiang area of Zhoushan are in the form of the above two categories. Generally choose the shape of Zhangzhou Narcissus sculpture, the general culture can choose Zhangzhou Narcissus or Chongming narcissus.

2. to build large size border hydroponic Narcissus ball culture in general (greenhouse) in greenhouse. Before the training, the ground dug 1.5 meters wide around the border, the ridge width of 20 ~ 30 cm, furrow require smooth, thick plastic film covering the whole bottom border without damage.

3. training through the cultivation of Narcissus Narcissus ball normally 40 ~ 50 days to flowering, Narcissus ball training is recommended