Want to go to Mount Huangshan on the purchase of economic cooperation, Hefei to Mount Huangshan only

city in the ongoing development of a lot of traffic facilities are constantly improving. Of course, with the continuous improvement of transport facilities, people are also more convenient and quick to go out, the cost is also constantly reduced. Now from Hefei want to go to Mount Huangshan friends, on the purchase of "economic cooperation", Hefei to Mount Huangshan only 60 yuan, you can complete a beautiful journey.

with regional traffic improvement, as early as 2013, Hefei Xinqiao International Airport on the occasion, Anhui province put forward the development target of Hefei Xinqiao airport Metro: Xinqiao airport construction has become an important central region air transport hub, Hefei and the surrounding areas and even the province’s investment environment, in order to promote the West, Hefei city of radiation in Northern Anhui; the construction goal is: key areas of Hefei has become the "West Wing of the Yangtze River portal integrated transport hub.

recently, the Mount Huangshan Tunxi International Airport and Hefei Xinqiao International Airport actively docking joint, together to create "the fly" transit transport products, which can not only meet the local citizens and foreign citizens out of Mount Huangshan, is to accelerate the construction and improvement of an important hub airport route network structure, but also pulled a powerful engine of Anhui civil airport group transportation production the.

at present, the "economic cooperation" transit transport products into the trial operation phase. During the trial run, where to take pleasure from the Mount Huangshan airport by Hefei Airlines transit passengers, Mount Huangshan – Hefei or Hefei – Mount Huangshan section of the ticket price of only 60 yuan. Domestic – the shortest time for the transfer of the convergence time of 60 minutes, the domestic – International Transit for the shortest time to connect for 90 minutes.

for the day Hefei Xinqiao International Airport transit passengers provide free meals in the dining time, Mount Huangshan airport baggage service for transit passengers on domestic routes, from the transit passenger transit station baggage trouble. The field by plane to Hefei transit to Mount Huangshan tourists also enjoy this policy. Trial run time: from now until August 31st.

from Mount Huangshan via Hefei transit has Kunming, Dalian, Lanzhou, Haikou, Hohhot, Guilin, Urumqi, Harbin and other popular routes, as well as international and regional routes from Hefei. Mount Huangshan to Hefei route every day, every Monday, three, five, seven, Mount Huangshan departure time is 12:45, 13:40 arrived in Hefei every Tuesday, four, six, Mount Huangshan departure time is 13:25, 14:20 arrived in Hefei.

need to remind passengers: passengers to buy "the fly" transit transport products according to the Hefei airport passenger security provisions of the process transfer convergence time, so as to avoid subsequent flights to buy "the fly" link; transit passenger transport products check-in at the airport in Mount Huangshan, be sure to declare their destination and need the baggage to the destination (International Flights not baggage); once recommended