What are the factors that affect entrepreneurship

some people say that in the big cities in order to have business opportunities, because of the high level of consumption in large cities, people are willing to spend money, but is it really like this?

A, is entrepreneurship must choose the big city


in the big city, can access to the latest information, the best ideas, the most outstanding people, including partner and rival. But with the further development and popularization of the social network, which will welcome Maninsan solutions, will become a key factor restricting the success.

two, entrepreneurship must choose whether the high-tech industry


2003 Ding Lei became the richest Forbes Chinese and the mainland’s richest man, worth $7 billion 600 million, in addition to Chen, Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Chuanfu et al. Experience is optimistic about the important factors of high-tech venture. However, for most people, with the core technology is not an easy thing, even highly educated people also have many is also empty talk, it is a very difficult thing. Why not choose the traditional industry, what is the choice of our industry to choose the idea?

three, what is the effect of marriage for the start of the


for this problem may be somewhat boring, but I think there are still necessary discussion. After all, both in life and in your emotions, you have that effect. Of course, each person’s external environment is different, different choices will have different endings. What is everybody’s idea?



If let you go, you will decide on what path to follow?