Shijiazhuang garlic back 9 yuan per catty

garlic is indispensable in people’s daily life seasoning, cooking time, so the market demand has been great. Since this time, due to the reduction in supply and other factors such as the impact of human speculation, since May this year, since the new garlic market, garlic prices have been rising. Recently, Shijiazhuang garlic prices are soaring, up to 9 yuan a catty.

in Shijiazhuang coal market street travel-ready dishes, carrying a string of garlic public Liu told reporters that the first half of garlic per kilogram retail price of less than 5 yuan, but now almost exceeded 9 yuan. "But for ordinary consumers, because demand is limited, so the effect is not large, expensive, we eat less."

The price of

shows that the peasant national development and Reform Commission announced in October 31st October, garlic wholesale price and retail price was 7.24 yuan / kg and 7.89 yuan / kg, up 6.16% and 4.64%, an increase of 90% and 67.9%.

according to reports, the consumer price of garlic roller coaster market is not strange. In 2009 and in 2010, the impact of growing acreage and the so-called "garlic can prevent swine flu," the impact of speculators have been hoarding garlic, garlic prices soared.

industry insiders believe that the current prices of garlic and garlic cold storage a large number of outbound, due to loss of water from the process, will produce approximately every dime cost weight. In addition, the overall yield is reduced and the man-made factors also caused speculation hoarding, garlic prices continued to rise this year.

interview, many people said that although the price of garlic increased a lot, but also bear, after all, the amount of garlic required is not expensive, it does not matter. Compared with the price of pork rose, the average person is also easy to accept. Also, no garlic for family cooking, green onions, ginger, can also be used to replace the.

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