Ningbo the first Chinese women’s entrepreneurship Festival Officially Launched

although the status of women in China than in the past has been raised, but in the community there are still lagging behind the idea of women in the progressive development. Women continue to self, in the business aspects of field show women’s unique style, and has made some progress.

Lao Hongwu on behalf of the provincial women’s Federation on the first Chinese (Ningbo) female entrepreneurship festival start congratulations, and highly affirmed in recent years, the Ningbo Municipal Women’s Federation in promoting the women’s entrepreneurship and innovation in contributions and achievements. She hopes that women’s organizations to grasp the "Internet + era opportunities, to better serve the female entrepreneurs; hope that the majority of women in the fiery public entrepreneurship, innovation practice in build a new power, lixin.

it is reported that the current business festival will build an interactive platform for high-end female entrepreneurs, a series of activities will continue until March next year, will rely on the "Pegasus brigade" business platform, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Dalian, Hangzhou and Chengdu, held the Female Entrepreneurship Week, and entrepreneurial projects solicitation, female entrepreneurship salon, international entrepreneurship roadshow, entrepreneurial achievement exhibition, and organized women entrepreneurs "Magnolia Award" awards ceremony in March next year, will be announced Chinese (Ningbo) female entrepreneurship Festival permanently settled in Ningbo.

to start the ceremony, from all over the country a number of outstanding female entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial process or close female friend, a multi-dimensional interpretation of the "Internet +" under the background of female entrepreneurial advantage.

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