Five measures to develop economy in Bazhong

face the rapid development of major cities, a lot of small cities, or remote cities, but also unwilling to their own backwardness, began the pace of development. Bazhong in the development of its own economy, the main measures taken in 5 areas, hoping to achieve their own perfect transformation, and the following small details about.

enhanced green ecological function. Accelerate the ecological construction, protect ecological resources, for the city’s economic and social development to provide better ecological service products. For "13th Five-Year" during the implementation of a new round of land 627 thousand acres of forest and grass, to complete the two forestry project investment 2 billion yuan.

deepening agricultural comprehensive reform. The 10 pilot rural collective assets equity reform, and strive to this year’s right to contracted management of rural land ownership certification households reached more than 60%, to promote the construction of Bazhou District second national rural reform pilot area; to the 800 thousand mu of economic forest and forest land management practices warrant warrant application, is expected to "13th Five-Year" during the completion of transfer of forest rights 500 thousand acres of forest right mortgage loans amounted to 600 million yuan, the completion of the 17 state-owned forest reform.

ramming forest industry. In Forest Park, wetland park, forest, key towns and homes Bashan as the focus of the planning and construction of a forest with vacation, recuperation, health care, pension and other functions of the forest health care base. Strive to 2020, built 5 national and provincial forest health care base, 10 municipal forest health care base, 100 counties (District) level forest health care products, the establishment of a standardized system of forest health, built in the province has an important influence on the market of forest health care industry base.

strong push industrial base construction. Vigorously promote the walnut, tea, medicine and other industries, accelerate the development of forest, forest industry, efforts to expand the scale of the base, extend the industrial chain, improve industrial efficiency. Strive to 2020, the city built 1 million 500 thousand acres of walnut base, tea base of 1 million acres, Ba pharmaceutical industrial base of 1 million acres, the total output value reached $30 billion.

to strengthen the ecological tourism industry. We will accelerate the construction of scenic spots, tourist center cities, self driving tourist bases, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration zones, and comprehensively optimize the tourism product system and service industry system.

through the above information reports we can see that each city in the development of its own economy, it is necessary to develop their own characteristics, in order to develop their own road. The five measures to develop the economy of Bazhong include: strengthening the green ecological function; deepening the comprehensive reform of agriculture; strengthening the forest industry; pushing the construction of the industrial base; strengthening the ecological tourism industry.

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